Maki benefits for Operators

State of the art radio interfaces

Maki was engineered to provide the best possible link budget in order to minimize CAPEX and OPEX spendings for operators. Solving an equation where every dB matters, Maki features:

  • Two 23 dBm power amplifiers, providing a total of 26 dBm to maximize indoor coverage
  • A 2x2 Mimo chipset to benefit from advanced signal processing techniques
Remote Management

As an operator it is important to have full control over the devices you put on your network, from provisionning to upgrade management as well customer support

  • Device management : Maki features an OMA Device Management client, making it possible to adjust settings and trigger firmware upgrades remotely.
  • Firmware upgrades : Maki features a flexible update mecanism allowing for both incremental (packaged) updates or full reflash.
  • Extensive diagnostics are available for customer centers; remote reboot is also available.

We know that operators have specific needs and a unique knowledge of their customers' needs. That's why Maki is:

  • Customizable : the menu which is shown to the user is retrieved from a server of your choice, allowing you to tune the menu however you like.
  • Scriptable : Maki features a rich API and is able to run scripts written in QtScript, so anyone with a knowledge of JavaScript can develop additional applications.
  • Open Source : we have released the software that runs on Maki under an opensource license, so you can tap straight into the source code.

Maki was designed as a fully fledged service platform. It goes beyond traditional Internet access device features, delivering a number of services straight to the customer.

  • Customer identification : Maki features an RFID card which makes it easy to identity users and deliver content tuned specifically for a given user.
  • Web integration : Maki comes with a wide range of services integrated with the web. Your customers can access their emails, share photos online, read the latest news and weather reports.

Maki was designed with the economic constraints an operator - especially a challenger - has to face. When margins are shrinking, acquisition costs become critical for the viability of an operator's business plan.

  • Best value for money : Maki combines rich features and state of the art radio interfaces to increase customer satifsaction and loyalty at a competitive price.
  • More for less : Maki's unbeatable list of features is available at a competitive price
  • Open Source software : Maki's software stack is fully open source, meaning there are no hidden software licensing costs. It's all inclusive. In fact, Maki is the only CPE on the market that ships with its own open-source OMA-DM server!
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