Maki is built on opensource software

Maki's software stack is fully open source. This means there are no hidden software licensing costs for operators wishing to deploy Maki. Furthermore, operators can fully customise the software that is loaded onto the devices.

Maki runs Linux, which provides a well-tested and open base for the operating system. Maki's software images are built using the OpenEmbedded build framework for embedded Linux.

A certain number of applications have been developed by Bolloré telecom specifically for Maki. These applications are also opensource:

  • boc-wimax, the software that control the WiMAX interface and perform authentication on Maki
  • boc-utils, which provides both the user interface and the OMA Device Management client
  • carambola, an OMA Device Management server which can be used to manage a pool of Maki devices

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